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What makes you guys better than all the other Fence company’s? 

We don’t concern ourselves about competitors or fence companies. We instead focus our attention on you. How can we better provide you with your needs?



How soon can we get an Estimate? 

Same Day Available 


Do we need a permit? 

Almost always. You do need a permit even if you are only replacing an existing fence. If your project is small or sometimes under a certain amount it may not require a permit. (Depending on County)


Is Solid Fencing LLC Insured? 

YES! Solid Fencing LLC is insured. Being a homeowner, it is very important that you work with contractors that have insurances. They protect you, your family, and your home in the event that any accidents occur. We can provide a certificate of insurances if requested.


What can I expect during fence installation? 

Fence installers will be in uniform for you to easily identify who is on your property. Installers are not permitted to smoke while on your property, this ensures cleanliness and professionalism. Anything they bring on your property they will take off as well. The only thing we will leave behind is the dirt from the fence post holes. If you see anything you are concerned about during the installation process (i.e. questioning location of fence, style, gates, etc.) please stop our installers and ask or call the office right away. It saves us time and could save you money.


Does your company use concrete when installing a fence?

Yes! We use concrete whenever we install a vinyl fence, aluminum fence or chain link fence. The only exception is with wood fencing – please check with your local office to determine whether concrete is used on all, some, or none of the wood fence posts. Other than this exception, we include concrete on each post that is installed.


Does your company provide any warranties for your fence products?

Yes! Workmanship and materials are guaranteed for one year after installation, with longer guarantees available on some particular materials. (No guarantees on wood fence material due to its nature)

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